Multilingual recruitment services

We have become a leader in international recruitment and we are the key partner to a wide variety of multinational companies based in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

We have a clear understanding of international markets ( EMEA, Asia, and America) and combined with our international recruitment experience we are able to provide simple, comprehensive and flexible multilingual recruitment solutions.

We understand and lead the multilingual market because we are multilingual people; we specialize in matching native, near native, idiomatic and fluent speakers with great job opportunities in international companies. We are capable of filling up in no time any multilingual job vacancies wherever is required.

As multilingual recruitment  agency we work with any language but mostly with languages of Europe ( Indo-European languages or not).

We have a strong pipeline of European language speakers; Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Flemish, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Estonian, Maltese, English natives, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian…

We also recruit for languages such as:

  • Turkish
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Afrikaans
  • Niger-Congo languages
  • Sino-Tibetan languages ( Mandarin, Cantonese speaker)
  • Altaic languages ( i.e. : Japanese speakers)
  • Austronesian and Asian languages
  • Indo-Iranian Languages ( Persian and Hindi)